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There’s been a ton of buzz around the industry about My Lead System Pro – MLSP Mastery Level Membership , and with good reason. I’ve never seen anything like what we’re doing here in this community. I mean 100% Pure Profit Products is unheard of in the world of Affiliate Marketing. Add on top of that $100 per Mastery Level Member you refer to the program. There’s nothing out there that comes close to comparing with this.

Is My Lead System Pro – MLSP Mastery right for the newbie

My Lead System Pro MLSP Mastery LevelNewbies are  just learning how to market and generate leads. If you’re not a Master Marketer, won’t you be getting in over your head?

The answer is a big NO. In fact, that’s exactly the opposite way to think about the MLSP Mastery Program. If you’re new to marketing or if you’re an experienced marketer and just haven’t gotten the results you want, the Mastery Program is imperative to your success.

Here’s Why MLSP Mastery is good for a newbie

As a new marketer, you’re probably not making any, or very little  in your business yet. You’re in negative cash flow. That means you’re spending more money than your business is bringing in. That money is coming out of your pocket.

The problem in this plan is how long you can you keep on spending money without making any money back? For almost all  people the answer is not long. You’re either going to go broke or your loved one is going to get tired of you spending all your money on this “get rich quick thing” and put a stop to it. Right?

If you’re new to marketing especially online you have to make enough money to keep yourself afloat long enough to learn how to become a pro marketer – that’s your education. It takes time to develop these skills but that’s exactly what you’re getting paid to do as a marketer. The better you are at promoting, the more money you make. I’m not trying to make it sound easy – it takes work to learn this stuff. But the concept is extremely simple.

Let me give you an real world example. I heard a story recently about a member who made a sale just a couple of days after joining MLSP. She made her first $89. Which is very cool, right? But because she was an Academy level member at the time, she lost out on the 100% Pure Profits she could have made on this $297 product. That’s a net loss of $208. OUCH! And that’s just on 1 sale.

It doesn’t matter where you are in terms of your skill set. If you’re a beginner who’s cutting and pasting swipe copy written by someone else – that’s great. Keep doing that. Keep learning how to market as a novice at the Academy Training level. As a My Lead System Pro – MLSP Mastery Level Member, you have access to all of the training at every level – Academy, Gold, Platinum and Mastery. And you should be systematically working through the training at every level.

But while you’re learning at the Academy level- you want to be earning at the Mastery level.

Don’t confuse the level of your education with the level of your income.

My Lead System Pro MLSP Mastery Level

This is business and you should be earning while you’re learning. Another way to think about it is this – and I have to give credit to My Lead System Pro (MLSP) co-founder, Norbert Orlewicz for this one, because he said: “It’s not about Mastery Level Marketing, it’s about Mastery Level Income”!

The bottom line is you need the cash flow the MLSP Mastery level membership can provide you. See, I told you it was simple.

I hope you’re starting to see the light on this, because it’s one of the most important things you must understand about the opportunity you have with the My Lead System Pro MLSP Mastery Program. If you’re currently a member at any level, come on by the New Member Fast-Start to Success on Monday nights at 7:00pm EST where Dean and Mary dig further into this and other important concepts and bring your questions, we love them.

If you’re not a member of My Lead System Pro, join now and take advantage of this awesome opportunity!

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Luis Velasquez
Luis Velasquez

Great post, I hear a lot of great marketers using this. Sharing


Great post what kind of results do you have?

livinmydream moderator

@BobRastyWhen I concentrate on it, it produces, like anything effort = results. I'm going to concentrate on using it's features more in the coming weeks. I'll be honest, there's a lot of training's and stuff you can do, it can be overwhelming at first. When I first got in I was all over the place trying to do everything, then I decided to eat the elephant one bite at a time.

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